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4Dem email marketing version 10.4

From where in the world your subscribers open the email you send? With 4Dem 10.4 you have available the new geographical reports clear and innovative that will allow you to track immediately openings and clicks on your campaigns, and also openings related to the individual list.

Extraordinary true?

Please note that switching to 4Dem version 10.4 is automatic and free. If you have a version lower than 10.0 we recommend you to activate a plan FREEMIUM and contact our sales commerciale@4dem.it that will convert it into your current plan. You move your contacts and your lists, but your first account will remain active to view your previous statistics.

Discover now all the features of 4Dem version 10.4!

What’s new:

What have we improved:

What’s new

New Geographical Reports

New Geographical Reports

  • For campaigns: This new feature on the map indicates the location in which were found openings and click on the campaigns sent to a given list. The opening location is approximate and refers to the IP address of the device that made ​​the opening.
  • For lists: this feature applied to lists detects all openings generation campaigns that have posted to a specific list.

New Extended Unsubscription

Three modes avaiable:

  • Leaving a feedback (Double opt-out)
  • Without confirm request (Single opt-in)
  • With confirm request (Double opt-out)
New Extended Unsubscription
New form generator

New form generator

Now you can save the form and use it as a landing page . Copying and pasting the URL of the page of the form you created, you can add it as a link within your email , but also on your site or on your social channels.
We made the form style more attractive.
Now you can assign a name to the form and fields compilation refer to custom fields created by the user .

Social Network Statistics – New!

Display Social Network sharings.*

*The system counts social link clicks even if sharing is aborted: works with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Delicious, Pinterest, Vimeo,  Google+, YouTube.

Social Network Statistics
Import History

Import History – New!

Tracks your manual contact imports.

Sendigs prediction – New!

Now the system can estimate the supposed sendings (hard bounces are excluded).

Sendigs prediction

SHOP 4Dem – New!

Buy plugins from your FREEMIUM account or recharge your credits using PayPal.

Users Re-subscription – New!

Re-subscibe a user to a list (this function is not avaiable for spam notifications or hard bounces)

Users Re-subscription

What have we improved

Improved campaign performance monitor

Improved campaign performance monitor

Now it displays openings, clicks and bounces as a bar graph.

Do you like it?
4Dem v.10.4 designed to your needs.


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