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Email Automation: only Smart Email

Discover the future in Email marketing with Automation

Sending a workflow of email when someone subscribes to your list, to present your company or to propose an online course. Reminding important deadlines to your customers . Show how much you care about them wishing them happy birthday at the right time. Surprise you e-commerce customers with dedicated promotions when they visit a specific page or purchase a product. Now, imagine that all this happens automatically: This is the Automation in 4Dem. Discovers what makes our email so smart 

Surprise your subscribers with Goal tracking

Seize the day! When your subscribers purchase something on your shop or visit a specific page you can reach them with a specific communication or a special promotion. Thanks to Goal Tracking you have just to set a tracking code on your pages so when your subscribers come back to visit the site, 4Dem sends one email or a complete workflow of emails. This is the perfect tool to maximize your sales or to offer relevant communications.

Create workflows for an effective Lead Nurturing

You can create welcome emails or extended email workflow with communications delivered at fixed dates set up by you and starting when someone subscribe to your list or at specifi recurrences . Automation is the perfect tool for the lead nurturing because allow you to reach your potential custmoers in a better way, with relevant, lasting communications to keep a costant contact and it’s complitely automated. Birthday wishes, remind of deadlines are a small part compared to the potential of Automation, unleash your creativity! You’ll find many workflow already created to make it easier. Once selected you can create each email in the workflow with the powerful drag&drop editor DRAGO.

Send only relevant communications to your target

Know your neighbour: If you know what really cares to your subscribers, you can sens relevant communication at the right time!
Create workflow, triggering when someone open a campaign or click on a specific link. So you’ll be sure you are sending always the right message to the right person. Your subscribers will thank you!

Guides and tutorial via email

Guides, tutorial, recurring news , your subscribers love thinks like these and usually it makes the difference in terms of conversions and engagement. With Automation you can create workflow shorter or longer, deciding when they start, the the distance time between one email and the other and the target to reach. Get creative and exploit this tool to offert your subscribers quality contents. Always automatically and in an easy way.


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