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Create nice and functional newsletter and email

How to create nice and functional newsletter?
With 4Dem, your email will be nice, fast and appreciated by your clients.


There are four different modes for creation of your email marketing campaign. Four different modes for different needs.

Screenshot creare newsletter

The new DRAG&DROP editor

4Dem Editors are easy and flexible. You can now choose between the classic WYSIWYG and the new Drag&Drop editor when creating an email without HTML code assistance. The main role of this editor is to translate everything you created visually with tests and images into HTML code. Just drag the elements over the canvas and it’s done!

Ready to use templates

Use newsletter template already available. You will find more than 100 templates tested for antispam filters and compatible with most email clients. If you wish, we can create for you personalised templates designed for your email marketing campaigns.

From Zip file

Uupload a compressed zip file containing the html page (eg. Mail.html) and its relative images folder into 4Dem. After checking the file structure it will be imported and a ready to send campaign will be created for you. A great news for agencies, media centers, and serial emailers!

From an existing campaign

If the line and or style of the campaign is created, you can propose it in convincing all others. You can clone a previous campaign and use the result as a base for your future emails.

Sending from external web pages

You can send your html contents and pages stored on your website and external to the email marketing software. 4Dem will enter to the website published on the web and it will automatically layout your campaign.

From RSS to message

Take automatically data from your website or blog and generate dynamically contents of your email. You can also design repetitive campaigns for a certain period that will be automatically updated and sent to your database.


100+ compatible templates

Our templates were prepared for optimisation on client email, mobile and they are applicable to any need. You can find different forms and colours of templates and they were also tested against spam classification of main anti-spam systems.

Smart template engine

You can create your own templates determining editable or fixed areas. The system will be able to help you during the process of inserting data making some duplicable, modifiable, moveable areas. Without knowing the HTML code.

Free email template

Ask for your free and personalised template. You will be able to choose it among various templates and we will personalise it for you.


Screenshot crea template newsletter

100mb hosting space and media library

Upload images to your media library so that you can use them in your future campaigns without necessity of having your web space.

Inline CSS

Support your inline CSS and you can create captivating and clear messages for your target.

Email wizard

Creation of messages and campaign is developed via simple step-by-step wizard.

Web page

Create graphics directly on your web space and set up software for email marketing 4Dem to be sent. You do not need to do other steps.


Direct marketing is based on sending of focused, personalised and dedicated messages with addressee information and ad hoc offers. For this reason, it is important that you concentrate on your product and your database. Functionalities for personalisation are available for you and you will be surprised.

Dynamic personalisation

Personalise your emails with information of subscribers choosing data inserted in your database or take contents using URL etc. (Dear Mario, Dear Paolo, etc.).

Conditional customization

You can use different images based on target of your message. Images for HIM or images for HER choosing e.g. some information from your database. The conditional personalisation will be automatic and completely secured.

Custom dialog boxes

Thanks to editor and 4Dem functionalities you can personalise easily all your dialogue messages with user: “subscribed user”, “subscription successfully completed” using external pages that can be personalised


Email preview

Before definitive sending out your email marketing campaign, you can check it by means of sending a preview demo by email or to browser.

Spam testing

Necessary test in order to foreseen programming errors and avoid filters in delivery phase. The Spam test is free of charge and based on the most important and commonly used antispam software.

Customizing sender

You can personalise addressee during the process of creation of campaign by choosing his name and email address.

Check sending progress

During the message is sending out you can monitor the proceeding by means of simple real-time graphic report.


Templates and editor 4Dem for creation of your email marketing campaigns are ready for mobile. Website and console are responsive. The editor assists you to make everything mobile ready.

Screenshot mobile responsive


Send Happy birthday greetings

If you know the date of birthday of your subscribers, you can send ad hoc personalised message to them on date of their birthday. This type of one-to-one personalisation of sending date and message itself is applicable to any “event” which is connected to a single or recurring date (e.g. VAT tax payment, insurance expiration date).

Full screen mode

Editor allows you to work with full screen mode by means of simple click of the button “full screen” available on the editor keyboard.


Sending plan without manual intervention

Send time-real campaigns (immediately) or on a specific date and hour either a part or periodically (e.g. on Thursdays at 10 o’clock). After setting up you will not need to intervene manually for re-programming.

Messages scheduler

Sending plan without manual intervention

Send time-real campaigns (immediately) or on a specific date and hour either a part or periodically (e.g. on Thursdays at 10 o’clock). After setting up you will not need to intervene manually for re-programming.

Multiple campaigns simultaneously

With 4dem there is no limit on number of campaigns to be sent simultaneously. You do not need to wait until previous sending is finished and you can proceed with the second one.

Dialogue message with external pages

You can also use external pages simply inserting URL of the page that you created for communication with your subscribers.

Automatic reply emails

Apart from the dialogue windows, you can easily create automatic reply emails totally personalised with HTML code, images or simple text.


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