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DRAGO: The easiest way to design a campaign


DRAGO is the revolutionary drag&drop editor by 4Dem, the only one that allow you to:

  • Create beautiful effective campaigns in minutes
  • Extreme personalization of the layout of your email (more than 300 possible changes). Without any programming knowledge.

All the features that matters are on the same page, just a click away: on the left side all the elements that can be dragged and dropped with the mouse in the body of the message, on the right side all the fuctions to personalize each single element.
In the center of the page is always visible the body of the message, so you can see the result of your amendments in real time.

Discover now what makes DRAGO so powerful!
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Elemento Bottone

Button element

The Button element can be used as a classic link button, or in Email-mode.
What does it mean?? Doing so, the button will open the defined email client.
It is possible to define parameters in the button like the sender, the subject and the message. So when the mail client is open, the fields are already filled.

Horizontal divider

It consist of an “horizontal line” or a white space (transparent) that allows you to divide the sections of the message. You can change the style, the spacing and the background color.

Elemento Divisore

Nuovi blocchi Testo-Immagine

Text-Image blocks

they consists in predefined block of Text+Image. They can be dragged in the body of the message and modified in an easy way with the contents you prefer.

Images Group

The new element allows you to drag in the message, blocks of images( up to 5) in an easy and fast way.
You can choose the position, add, remove and order the single images.

Gruppo Immagini

Nuova funzione Social Follow

New Social Follow function

The element consist in a group of icons of the main social networks, linked with url to your social profiles. In this way when your subscribers click, they reach istantly your social pages.
You can add the icons with the drop-down menu, choose the position, configure the style, change the alignment and typography of the single elements.

New function Social Share

The Social Share element is composed by a group of icons of the most famous social networks, to be positioned in the message and that enable the recipient to share the campaign on their social network pages.
You can add the icons with the drop-down menu, change the position, style, the frames, the alignment and typography.

Nuova funzione Social Share

Elemento Video

Video Element

The Video element allows you to add a video from Youtube or Vimeo
Note: The video is not phisically in the email, but only linked. In the preview the recipient will see a frame of the video.



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