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Email Automation: the automation at your service

Email Automation

Thanks to Email Automation you can activate automatic email that are sent when the user performs an action on your site or you can track the user’s email when something that you have decided happens.
Beyond the saving in terms of time and efficiency due to automation, automatico email allow you to modernize your business processes.
Thanks to this features it is possible to:

  • re-activate inactive users with highly-targeted communications
  • Manage the customer’s life cycle
  • Improve relations with the customers

If set in a strategic way, Automatic email will bring great results.
Your website knows lots of things on the activities of your users; sharing this informations with the console you can create automatic email and delivery then when the user performs a precise action.
Here is some example of action on wich you can set automatic email:

Carrelli abbandonati

Abandoned cart

Thanks to the functionality Email Automation, the system will track the email address of the user that abandon the cart and you can send him an email inviting him to complete the transaction.

Create in your site a precedure to share with the console the data from the users that left some products in the cart when they log out or drop the sessions. Tracking the action “Abandoned cart” you can filters the users catched by 4Dem and send them an email to invite them to complete the transaction before the promotion expires.

Tips for shopping

Is possible to send an automatic email to your loyal customers, to propose them a complementary product thanks to offer or to coupon.

Create in your E-commerce a procedure that after a purchase sends to the console the purchase date and the amount of purchases of the user. In this way you can send him an automatic email that, after a certain amount of purchases, send him a promotional coupon, valid for the next purchase.

Consigli per gli acquisti

Messaggio di benvenuto

Welcome message

The automatic email that you can create, will have relevant informations for the user as the services available (return process, support), informations on purchase (delivery date, packaging) or advises to use the product in a better way (istructions for use ). This is a perfect strategy to start a long relation with the customer in a positive manner, and keep them involved also after the purchase.

When the user performs the first log-in on your site, sends his data to the console together with a parametr “first access”. You can create an automatic email that can be sent to all the users who have that paramenter active.

Update informations (ebook, slide, webinar)

If your contacts downloaded document as ebook and webinar, it may be a good sign to understand if they are ready for something more. Set an automatic email that leads your user to the purchase of the product or service.

You have just to create in your site a procedure that, at any dowload of a document, increase the counter and send the number to the console. In this way you can create on 4Dem and automatic email to be sent when the counter exceed a certain value, to tempt the user to perform the download of premium documents from the site.

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