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More effective campaigns with Email booster

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Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with
Email Booster

With Email Booster you are able to re-send the same email or a new one to three different segmented target according to the first dispatch:

  • Those who have not opened the first email
  • Those who have opened the first email
  • Those who have opened and clicked on a specific link in the first email

Resend the same email to those who have not opened to maximize the opening chances, or create a followup email for those who clicked on a specific link. In this way discovers what really cares to your customers to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns!

Effective list segmentation

When you use Email Booster, in realt time some list segments are creating according to the choosen segment, for example those who clicked on a specific link. The segments is autosaved in your list so you can use it in the following days for effective campaigns!

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Booster has no limits

You can use booster on all your email campaigns to increase your chance of success. It’s complitely free and already integrated in the console. You can recall it directly fro the dashboard “statistics” of the specific campaign, with the green button «booster» at the right top corner.

Increase your chances of success!

Email Booster give you the possibility to operate according to the behavior of your subscribers and to undertake specific actions in an easy and extremely quick way, and you don’t nedd to analyze the campaign statistics or create manual segmentation. This is a great news!.

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