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Sending newsletter without bandwidth limit

4Dem – software for professional newsletter sending – there are no limits on number of sending and email size.
We’ll give you some bandwidth. Oh Happiness!!

more bandwidth?

Free to send your emails

Screenshot send email with no limits

Multiple campaigns simultaneously

With 4Dem, there is no limit on number of campaigns to be sent simultaneously. You do not need to wait until previous sending is finished and you can proceed with the second one.

No email size limit

There is no limit on size of your emails (if not the one of good sense) that you can send. We advise not to accede 50 KB but if it happens, we do not block email.

No limit on your sending bandwidth

Take care of your database. We think of sending, delivery and control of deliverability of your emails. You do not need to calculate the bandwidth. Make quality! Mind your database! We will take care of the rest.

Send infinite emails REALLY

With 4Dem, Editor there is no limit on sending emails (emails unlimited, no limit!). REALLY unlimited even for multiple campaigns simultaneously. DON’T STOP IT NOW!


Garanzia antispam

Guarantee and antispam

Our servers are not blacklisted neither at national nor international level. Our IPs are not listed in any antispam list. We are against spam. Our clients have to follow strict rules of behaviour and they are subject to fines and annulment of contract.

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DKIM and SPF Signature

We apply DKIM (Domain Key Identified Messaging) signature and codes to your emails in order to increase deliverability. At the same, way control of SPF record. The SPF record identifies email servers authorised to send email on behalf of your domain. Its goal is to impede spammers attempt at sending messages with false sender addresses to your domain.

Signdkim spf
Feedbak loop

Feedback loop management

We are able, together with Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail/MSN and other providers, to receive notices coming from their users who wish to cancel without using the link of cancellation, which is compulsorily displayed in all our emails. If a user clicks on “SPAM or MARK AS SPAM” we will receive notice on SPAM COMPLAINT and cancellation will be managed by the system. You can find these notices directly on suppression list or blacklist.

Test your email for SPAM

Necessary test in order to foreseen programming errors and avoid filters in delivery phase. The Spam test is free of charge and based on the most important and commonly used antispam software.

Spam test email


Screenshot ab test

The A/B test allows you to send two different contents to a certain number of subscribers and afterwards, at the end of the test, send the content that has generated opening performance or the best click to the rest of subscribers. A/B test statistics are real-time updated and 4Dem was designed to have full-autonomy for managing this functionality.


Schedule sending without manual intervention

Send time-real campaigns (immediately) or on a specific date and hour lump either sum or periodically (e.g. on Thursdays at 10 o’clock).

Recoursive sending

You can plan a recurrent campaign choosing day, date and hour. 4Dem will automatically send your message. You can concentrate on other things.

Pause sending

You can decide to pause sending, e.g. if you want to modify some elements. When you restart sending the contents will be modified/updated.

Managing Time zones

There is the Italian time zone determined in Console but it is possible only with some clicks to define (choosing from the list) new time zone.


Screenshot segmentation

Intelligent segmentation

Definition of intelligent segmentations (subsets on a list) is based on data included in subscribers’ database or behaviour performed by subscribers (click, open sites).

There is upstream control (importation) and downstream (at moment of sending email).

No double sendings

Thank s to control done also during sending process to two mailing lists simultaneously, there is no risk to send a campaign twice or 2 messages to the same user (e.g. if listed in duplicate list).


You can create one or more archives in a dynamic and modern way, but especially automatized. Actually, each message will be “tagged” and will be automatically inserted in determined group. After sending, it will be published in your archive.

Screenshot tag archives


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