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Communicate effectively using sms

Reach your customers istantly wherever they are!

Send SMS campaigns to all your subscribers at the same time in an easy and intuitive way.
You can send SMS SMART (fast, guaranteed, fixed sender) and SMS PREMIUM (immediate, guaranteed and customizable sender). The credit validity period is 2 years, no annual contracts, pay only for what you send.

Caratteristiche SMS

Choose the type of sms to send


  • Dispatch fast and guaranteed
  • Up to 160 characters
  • Fixed sender not customizable
  • Dispatch statistics


  • Dispatch immediate and guaranteed
  • Up to 459 characters (concatenated messages)
  • Customizable sender
  • Message content customizable with dinamic data exploiting subscribers infos
  • Statistics with delivery report included

Prepaid credit

You can buy credits packages and send SMS even if you don’t have an email plan.
Create a freemium accont and buy credits in the shop, inside the console. The payment is safe thanks to Paypal!!
Recharge istantly so you can send immediately.

Elemento Divisore

Scegli quando inviare

Decide when to send the campaign

Decide if you want to send your messages immediately or at a predetermined date, so you can create your campaign whenever you want and send it at the best time for your customers.
You can schedule the delivery of different campaigns at the same time and check the email queue in real time

Detailed statistics

With 4Dem the statistics of your SMS campaigns are clear and detailed. You can check the number of messages sent and delivered, the credits used for the single campaign and sending errors.
You can download a report detailed for each subscribers with precise details, so you can manage wrong or non existent numbers.
If you send SMS PREMIUM, the report includes the delivery report for each recipient for a further confirmation of the correct delivery.

Statistiche dettagliate

Scegli quando inviare

Use your list or create new ones

4Dem give you the possibility to exploit your current lists, uploading mobile phone numbers in the dedicated field or you can create new lists , specific for sms campaign. Segmentation of contacts is always possible so you can send targeted emails with the highest effectiveness.

Send your messages in more than 150 countries

With our platform you can reach your customers abroad in a fast and cheap way.

Quick SMS

Did you forgot to send the campaign to one or more recipients?
No panic!! Yuo can send a single message exploiting the “Quick SMS”. You need only to select the recipient, the customized sender, type the message and click on SEND.
Fast and Easy.

Integrations and API

4Dem SMS can be integrated easily with the main e-commerce software, CRM and CMS via API commands that you can find on apichannel.4dem.it


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