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Software for your mailing list management

4Dem helps you manage correctly your database.
It helps you independently manage subscriptions and cancellations and automatically update data of each subscriber.


Screenshot mailing list

List that represents container of subscribers. List or mailing list is starting point of email marketing process. Subscribers are campaign addressees. They are listed in the system via email addresses but also other demographic data can be furnished (name, surname, city of residence etc.)

List management

You can assign a dozen of automatic functions and behaviours to your list in order to manage automatically subscriptions, cancellations, results screening and much more.

Unlimited lists

Create unlimited lists. Every list possess its own personal configuration, auto responder, subscribers, personalised fields etc. At the time of purchase, you can choose number of lists you wish to use.

Duplicity control and contact update

During import process the system controls users/addresses/duplicity/double. Information of duplicated user is updated on demand. The system avoids inserting users already removed. It manages local and global suppression list.

Local blacklist or suppression list

There is an automatic list for each cancellation and spam complaining activity that contains all addresses, which should be excluded from your campaign. 4Dem crosschecks with these users in order to avoid importing at the time of import.


Import and export email addresses

Screenshot import export subscribers

Import and export of contacts, email creation using a few single steps via copy and paste or uploading files CSV. During the importation process, you can choose whether to update registries already available on the list or eliminate them. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about duplicity or errors in email addresses (missing @, dot etc.) since they are automatically identified by 4Dem.

Google Contact Import

You can import your GMAIL contacts into 4Dem console. You need just few clicks in order to import them into your distribution lists.


There is a subscription form available through Facebook fan page.


Web site integration

Integrate any website

A subscription and cancellation form is automatically created and inserted on the website in order to align your subscribers’ database with lists. If you wish to have major integration, try to use our API or integrate with major ecommerce software or CRM.


4Dem improves your messages management and extends your ecommerce or CRM system email marketing capabilities.

Crm ecommerce


Unlimited custom fields

Create unlimited number of personalised fields in order to collect more information on subscribers, useful for target profile and conditional personalisation. At the time of purchase or later, you can decide how many additional fields you need.

Automatic admin notification

Enable admin automatically notification for subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

IP Registration

System keeps tracks, with respect to law, of IP address of persons who subscribe (even date and hour) and who unsubscribe (even date and hour).

Subscription double opt-in

Allow your subscribers to subscribe autonomously to your lists with respect to privacy standards and world best practices using confirmation email, automatic and personalised subscriptions.

Ricerca avanzata

Advanced search

It allows creating complex research of subscribers within lists. Thanks to subscribers, area and its research tool and intelligent segmentation you can search for any single subscribed or cancelled user, for any pattern, and quickly export it.

Unsubscribe with single opt-out

Only unsubscriptions single opt-out in compliance with privacy policy or netiquette are accepted by 4Dem. It is important for us and your subscribers will thank you for that.

Compliance with privacy policy

4Dem was born for direct marketing and intelligent management of communication- It was not created for spam neither for general massive communication. That is why it is important that inside the structure there is subscription, cancellation and control system in compliance with privacy policy. 4Dem is contrary to spam.

Intelligent segmentation

Intelligent Segmentation

Creation of segmentations (subsets of a list) based on rules defined taking into consideration subscribers registry, registry custom fields or determined actions accomplished by subscribers, e.g. click, opening etc. The segmentation functions allow easy creating of filters to be applied to lists, so that profile subsets of subscribers are generated.

Permission marketing

Subscribers management and existing functionalities for management of lists allow e.g. send totally autonomous email with request for subscription.


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