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Additional Services for Email Marketing

Console Customizaion

4Dem is completely customisable. We have created an instrument for complete personalisation designed for agencies and large companies. You can personalise sending domain, graphics of your console, remove our brand of guarantee visualised at the bottom and much more.

Domain for your business

If you wish to personalise also sending domain, 4Dem could be installed through ad hoc management on new domain chosen by you. You can decide if choose dedicated sending queue with possibility to increase its capacity speed and with dedicated IP addresses.

Creative and Graphic Agency

4Dem is professional email marketing console of 4marketing.it – company operating in the field of direct marketing and communication. You can benefit from this experience anytime you decide to have one or more graphic templates or landing page developed by us.

Personal training

We can provide training on professional usage of 4Dem. You obtain information and knowledge on principal functionalities and you can better understand its potentialities. On the base of your professional profile or interest, we can define training sections per 1 hour each. We advise this average duration to our clients. Otherwise, at least 2 hours with our expert are required for complete training. Hours of training are agreed together and training is realized via system of teleconference. Any trips to clients place have to be agreed.

Prepaid packet solution

You can decide to delegate certain activities connected to email marketing. In that case, our technical and creative experts replace you in determined activities, so that you can dedicate time to some other activity. Management is simple. You can buy certain number of pre-paid hours during which we provide you with dedicated assistance and it is invoiced monthly. The following activities can be included in the prepaid packet:

  • creation of subscription form or similar
  • landing page
  • survey and templates
  • html of graphic creativity already defined
  • template development
  • training
  • and our designers

Full service

If you wish to delegate to us management of your newsletter, like layout, graphic editing, template and anything else necessary for finding right way to communicate, this “key in hands” service is made for you. Management and sending are included in this service:

  • campaign strategy
  • one template creation
  • layout of your campaigns
  • image editing, logos and everything concerns to graphic average level support
  • list management
  • statistic management and analisys

Cost related to images or editing at high level (photo adjustment, morphing, logo creation etc.) are not included in price neither in the service.

The following detailed activities are included in full service:

It represents “key in hands” management of one or more direct email marketing campaigns.


Thanks to its staff, 4Dem obtains creativity already available in html and other elements necessary for, e.g. personalised dialogue pages.

Sending test email

4Dem staff provides test by means sending test campaign (client is also include) and various cancellation links within 3 working days.

Campaign sending

Campaign is sent within 2 working days from the test.


Client can verify everything on campaign through dedicated area (real-time verification).

Creativity and list of addresses must be provided by client. Working schedules do not include possible client’s feedback. In addition, sectorial databases of companies (B2B) can be obtained through service MAILtogo.it.

Companies that are already 4Dem clients benefit favourable economic treatment.


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