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Options and Plugins to send newsletter

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For special requirements we have created additonal options/plugins.


All the main functionalities for effective campaigns.

Italian and english

4Dem is an italian company. Born from our team and will continue to be our pride. However our customers ask us the possibility to have the console also in english. You can choose 4Dem both in italian and english.

Unlimited custom fields

Combine registry data of the recipients to their email address. You can have unlimited custom fields in addition to the one already in the plan.

Message personalization

Personalize your email with the registry data of the recipients, recorder in the database or recall contents via URL etc… (Hi Mario, Hi Paolo…).

Bandwidth expansion

Hahah are you kiddin? you can’t expand it! With 4Dem the bandwidth is unlimited and the email size as well. But don’t exagerate. heavy size emails increase the spam rate.

Smart segmentation

Creation of segmentations (subset of a list) based on defined rules reposing on the registry data of the recipients, custom fields or defined activities performed by the recipients, for example clicks, openings etc…

Spam test of the email

A necessary test to avoid programming errors and to avoid filters during the delivery. The spam test is free and based on the main antispam softwares.

Area Partner

If you are a Media agency, sending campaigns on behalf of other advertisers this plugin is for you. You can give a specific access to your advertisers so they can see the statistics of specific campaigns that you choose.
Includes al the necessary plugins for your online storage space needs.

Embedded images

If you want to send images instead of recall them from the server everytime, use this option. This option allow you to show the images directly in the message body.

Storage space for images

You have 100 MB of storage space for your images. You can increase this space by 50 MB with this option.

Campaigns Backup

Statistic data like email openings, click for user or campaign are automatically deleted after 12 months.
Keep them in memory for unlimited time .

Unlock attachments

Usually attach size is limited to 56KB. This plugin enable you to unlock attach size to 256KB.


You have 2 basic folder available. With this plugin you can have unlimited number of folders.
This plugin converts the monthly email credit in a Yearly email credit, so if on some months you send less email, your credit does not get lost and you can use the unsent email the months later.
This plugin enables user management and client activity monitoring. Getting optional sub account (payment option) you can manage credits also
All the advantages of email sent at specific dates or automatically, when a specific event occurs.

Unlimited Autoresponders

With autoresponders you can send customized email for follow-up, welcome, promotions or reminder for different types of deadlines. You have only to profile your lists and you’re done.

Email Automation

Your website has a lot of infos on the activities performed by your customers. Sending this informations to the console you can create automatic email to send when they perform specific actions (eg. recovery of abandoned carts, sale of product complementary to the last purchases etc.).

What is included

Competitive offers

  • No setup costs
  • No bandwidth limit
  • No email size limit
  • Free support

Design nice and
functional email

  • Editor easy to use
  • Smart template engine
  • 100 mb of storage space in the media library
  • Message personalization
  • 100+ template ready for use
  • Spam test
  • Form builder
    and much more…

Send your email

  • High delivery sped
  • Deliverability
  • A/B test
  • Feedback loop
  • Antispam test
  • Easy segmentation
  • Archives and TAG
  • 1 Autoresponder included
    and much more…

Statistics and

  • Detailed reports and statistics
  • Export data to PDF
  • Real time analysis
  • Google analytics integration
  • Bounce manager
  • Statistics for each subscriber
  • Subscriptions and unsubscriptions
    and much more…

Subscribers database

  • 2 lists included
  • Bounce, subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • Blacklist and suppressions management
  • API and plugins
  • Bounce management
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Subscribers import
  • List related analytics
    and much more…


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