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Our IT infrastructure

Reliability and security

In the last 10 years we and our team have managed hundreds of campaigns, sent millions of messages and received dozens of support tickets. After so many years we can confirm that we have sound, reliable and secure brand. That is why 4Dem is not only software for mailing list and newsletter. It is your partner.

Security and antispam

We are the first antispam. We try to reduce number of non-requested messages as much as possible. That is why we ask our clients to protect their own customers by activities as established by law. We are first to punish, suppress or block our clients in case of spam. There are provisions regarding protecting privacy and incorrect usage of infrastructure.

Respect of privacy policy

4Dem was born for direct email marketing and for communication intelligent management. It was not created for span neither for massive general communication. For this reason it is important that there is subscription, cancellation and control system applied according to privacy law inside its system. 4Dem is against spam.

Service contract

We work on the base of annual contract as a guarantee of user and our infrastructure. User can decide to stay with us without restrictions or he can terminate the contract 60 days prior to the expiration date of the contract.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

It is our effort to guarantee minimum level service dedicated from both assistance and infrastructure point of view. SLA forms integral part of contract and also control against spam.

Data backup

Data are backup daily in order to secure integrity and preservation of user’s data. They are archived in a crypto form and managed according the privacy law.
We are able to restore possible accidental losses caused by client.

Constant update

4Dem is periodically updated in order to improve potentialities and its usage and guarantee absence of possible bug.

Feedbak loop

Feedback loop management

We are able, together with Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail/MSN and other providers, to receive notices coming from their users who wish to cancel without using the link of cancellation which is compulsorily displayed in all our emails. If a user clicks on “SPAM or MARK AS SPAM” we will receive notice on SPAM COMPLAINT and cancellation will be managed by the system. You can find these notices directly on suppression list or blacklist.


Privacy Policy
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