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4Dem for agencies, partners and resellers

What to tell your customers you do not have bandwidth limits?

Who are the resellers?

4Dem resellers are PR companies , marketing agencies and communications , freelance , web designer , web master , content providers, ISPs, web agency and software house
They actually want to integrate its product portfolio with a professional solution for email marketing . a dedicated solution , premium and no bandwidth limit for themselves and for their customers.

All have 4Dem and no one has any bandwidth limit .



Communication channel
priority with the company

created to suit the client

Dedicated training on the console

Consultancy dedicated
on sale

and bonus

Large discounts on
new customers and renewals

No investment

priority response

Choice of invoicing
or re-invoicing

The number of emails that can be sent is really unlimited . And also do not put limits to the weight of the message.
Not dependent on the bandwidth that purchases but by the number of emails you want to send or for members who want to import.

Web agency

Web agency solution

You can send unlimited emails in itself constitute a major saving . In addition to this we offer a plan resellers of interest to your business. A discount of absolute high value on the monthly fees of your customers.

Managing multi client and multi list

You can create a list tailored to each customer or company that follow . Each list is equivalent to a new 4Dem . So you can multiply the performance of your console then dividing by your customers.

Multi list and multi client management
Area Manager

Area Manager

For all those who need to manage multiple accounts you created the area manager that allows you to monitor the statistics and the openings of the campaigns of your connected users. You will also have the ability to assign and distribute credits for sending email.

Partner Area

If you are a media center or an agency that sends on behalf of its advertisers then this plugin is for you . You can give a specific access to your advertisers to display statistics only for a particular campaign or list.

Advertisers Area

Customizing your console

4Dem is totally customizable. We have created a tool designed for total customization for agencies and large corporations. You can customize the sending domain , the graphics of your console, remove our hallmark at the bottom and much more.

Email marketing school

There is also our channel formation. Email marketing school. Ebook, tutorial, video, ready-made templates and much more.

Dedicated support channel

We have defined a fast track to the agencies and companies that resell our product. You can count on that.

Screenshot whitelabel

We provide screenshots of the platform of email marketing and newsletter management 4Dem format whitelabel . You can use it for your presentations.

Screenshot download
Dedicated domain for your business

If you want to personalize the sending domain 4Dem can be installed with an ad hoc management of a new domain you’ve chosen.


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