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SMS marketing

We have developed a platform for sending massive premium and low cost SMS with all the features required by the market (sender customizable scheduling, personalization condition etc …). The service and ‘easy, fast and convenient.


4SMS® (www.4sms.it) is a software-mode ‘web-based or installed on server 4marketing.it (4marketing.it) and freely accessible from any Internet connection with a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc …).

You do not install any software on client PCs are not required special handling characteristics of specialization or work.

4SMS ‘already’ installed and ready to use and the staff of 4marketing.it manages deliverabilita ‘, statistics and what is necessary to the operation of the service.
So 4SMS and ‘a turnkey service, simple, fast, clear, powerful and easy to use for everyone and very competitive prices.



  • Functioning: Send and receive SMS via the web using your computer. Simple, fast and economical.
  • How do it: Through a panel from any computer connected to the Internet, by entering your login and password, you can create headings, lists and groups within which to enter an infinite number of text messages and manage submissions.
  • Contacts import/export: Automate your work with simple steps, import from xls (Excel) or simple text file.
  • PSender customizaion: Your text message sent will appear on your phone and users will be able to respond by pressing the key you answer the phone.
  • Choosing Gateway: From time to time, decide whether to send text message with customized sender and / or report (return receipt requested), or use sms sender fixed.
  • Accessibility to the system: 24/24 7/7
  • Saving entries in the server: Upload your own numbers in the panel on-line, you can send the fly from any point of connection to the web;
  • Send to a single or a list: No limitation on the amount of text messages, send 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 sms only takes a few moments;
  • Double check the numbers in the phone book: Handy tool to see which numbers are also present in different lists.
  • Scheduling: decide when to deliver sms. Es: 10/09/2015 19:46:00;
  • Automatic personalization of each sms:Enter the names of the recipients in the message.
  • Birthday Wishes SMS: No date to remember: send birthday wishes automatically. Also useful to remember deadlines of all kinds, policies, fees, etc. …
  • SMS via E-mail: Configure one or more accounts to send messages from your e-mail address (or to use for other applications).
  • Check HLR numbers: Check if the numbers in your address book are still valid and active without sending any messages.
  • SMS Off Line: Send an SMS to the mobile number provided in your panel and the text will be forwarded to your lists without access to the Internet!
  • Web Subscription: Copy the script to subscribe users to your lists from a web site, or by using the service receive text messages.
  • Enter to block recipients: Deploy in time to send to multiple blocks of numbers in the list.
  • Archives: you can check sending archives in any time (no expiration date).


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