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Cookies usage


This site makes use of cookies. We chose this work to make navigation simple and efficient for the user.
Each time a user logs on to our website our server passes the user’s browser a bit ‘of information.
The browser tends to store any messages and will use this information for subsequent visits (user returning on the same page, for example)

Is possible to disable the use of cookies through your browser. They are usually enabled by default by the system as provided for by the second paragraph-122 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.
In this article is also expressed in the power user to know the data used and managed by cookies.


Below is a brief list of the cookies we use:

  • Analytics Cookies: Provides an insight into user behavior on the site and record what content to appear as more or less.
    This helps us to improve our service and to give our users what they want
  • Social Cookies: They are the additions that our website has with social networks (ie for facebook, twitter etc)
  • Affiliates: Allow us you to track visits from other web sites we collaborate with.
  • Marketing and Retargeting Cookies: These cookies collect information about the tastes and preferences of advertising banners and sections of the site.
  • Technical Cookies They are used by our site and the data are sent from our domain. Cookies are those necessary for the operation of the site and are always tubes using even in the case where the user has not enabled. In these cases, parts or portions of the site may not work properly (sessions, timeouts, etc.)

For any help or have questions about managing cookies please send us an email via the contact us section.


Privacy Policy
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