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Privacy and SPAM policy

Privacy AntiSpam guaranteed

What does 4Dem represent?

4Dem is a professional platform in SsaS (Software as a Service) mode that permits automatic sending newsletters, commercial dem, promotions, regular automatic emails and text messages, via simple web browser.

Sending emails is our job. We send millions of emails per year and we have to avoid disturbing our clients’ privacy.
We do not even allow our clients (on pain of the service suspension) to send non-requested emails via our Email Marketing Services.

What do we do against SPAM?

  • We do NOT sell your email addresses, your data, neither your database. Your data are safe.
  • We require from our clients to respect the privacy police and fulfil the terms of the contract, written while loading their database.
  • In case of SPAM or blacklisting, we seriously punish and suspend the account of our clients.

Our company is not allowed, in accordance with the law and the internal privacy policy, to sell, use, divulge database loaded by clients into the system.

Your Privacy Rights

  • An obligatory link for cancellation is available on our platform with forced layout within the system for each sent email.
  • An explicit service contract is signed by our clients, by which they are obliged to respect fundamental and decisive rules in terms of privacy.
  • Our clients can send emails to recipients only if previously consented to receive
  • Unsubscribing. It means for us: single opt-out (just 1 click to remove your email address)

Abuses Reporting

If you receive an email sent via our Email Marketing services (4Dem.it, 4Npro.it, 4Demplus.it) and you think the sender was not allowed to do so, please, let us know about this abuse sending an email to:
abuse@4dem.it and attach the received email together with all necessary information.

How to unsubscribe

Each email sent by 4Dem contains an unsubscribe link: it is mandatory and any email is delivered without it.
If you receive unauthorized emails from 4Dem users, please send a notice to us.


Privacy Policy
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