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We love Green, we play email netiquette

A special treatment based on price is used for all non-profit organisations and associations, since this is also a way to support them. Ethical support for non-profit organisations and charity associations is a part of our philosophy that goes beyond a simple communication but it is translated into concrete actions with designed lists, green approach (use of non-polluting means of transport, e.g. bicycles and subway) and support the fight against cancer through donation.
If you are a non-profit organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Green friendly

    Every day we do our best trying to reduce at minimum the emissions of our work instruments and used means of transport. We believe in philosophy of small steps performed daily and constantly. We use our cars sometimes at weekends. We prefer rail modes of transport, car sharing, or bike sharing. PAPER FREE. We consume paper as it happens in every company. We try to reduce its consumption at minimum. We have printed 30 pages on the recycled paper within the last 8 months. We prefer to talk about 100% web and concretise our products with digital presentations avoiding the paper versions.

  • Environmental responsibility

    We have replaced paper with web. We seek to compensate the environmental impact by our websites and our portals. The 4marketing.it website takes part in the “Zero Impact Web” campaign organised by Lifegate. The CO2 emissions are compensated by contributions for creation and safeguard of growing forests.

  • Panda Project – WWF

    Half of the forests have been cut down in China in order to make roads and due to the national wood trade that does not respect environment and the living space of Panda is being steadily reduced: the natural resources used for feeding, bamboo forests, have been missing. We help the WWF sustain the PANDA project.
    We are working in order to create dozens of green corridors and maintain continuity among more than 50 Reservations, combat poaching, study the life of panda in order to understand what is the best way to protect it and promote the local economy.

  • Against spam

    4marketing.it expressly declares – through its portal and relative websites – application of the policies for the privacy protection of users receiving communications sent by our clients. Thanks to our console 4Dem we promote rigid control and strict anti-spam policy in order to limit any kind of massive non authorised campaign. We preventively suspend our clients’ accounts when an illegal action is revealed or we received any serious warning. At our support centre we have activated a preferential channel for spam warnings or suspicions. On the basis of a signed contract, a fine of 2000 EURO is foreseen to be paid by our client for each illegal action revealed and each blacklist registration. We daily seek to promote designed and responsible direct marketing culture discouraging totally opposite actions to the netiquette and to the privacy law.

  • For non-profit organisations

    4marketing.it promotes email-marketing culture also to non-profit organisations and associations. We believe in philanthropic marketing and activities aggregating these subjects and we help them by providing particular favourable discount conditions.

  • AIRC (The Italian Association for Cancer Research) – research continues

    We are a responsible web company. We are aware that grow and our future are based on research and development and constant solution focused on problems. That is why we are pleased that also outside of our working contest there is a research stimulated by spontaneous donations (e.g. “5 per mille”) to the ITALIAN ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH. It is essential to contribute to the most important research of our life and our beloved.


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